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We offer diving tours in Oslob and Santander.

Oslob Whalewatching

A diving experience with the Gentle Giants.

Sumilon Diving

A chance to experience,
Marine life: Whaleshark and manta passes by. Giant anglerfish, comet and big schools of mackerel and fusiliers.

Colase Diving

A Coral Reef Sanctuary. A place full of varying natural corals.

Lilo-an Diving Spot​

Ambot unsay naa​

About Us

Biboy Diving Center is located in Tan-awan, Oslob, Cebu.

Headed by our divemaster, Larie “Biboy” Flagtiosa, Biboy Diving was officially launched year 2016.

Our Mission:

To let people experience the beauty of the underwater world. To provide enjoyment, knowledge, and promote environmental safety by showing them what they should protect by budget friendly quality service.

Our Vision:

Provide diving services all around the Philippines.

Great place and helpful staff. Would definitely be interested in SCUBA diving with them again.
Rachel W
Rachel W
Had an amazing dive this morning with Biboy Dive Centre. Visibility wasn't great but our guide made sure to point out all the sharks around us and could tell which direction they were swimming so we could position ourselves. They are so respectful of these animals and make sure their divers don't get too close and know what to do if the shark approaches them.
Super équipe de plongée. Bon équipement. Ne pas hésiter à privilégier la plongée pour éviter les longues files d'attente. 2500php la plongée et ils vous filment.
Great people in the Dive centre. 4 of us went diving with then to see whale sharks. my wife tried diving years ago but found it claustrophobic but they looked after her well this time and enjoyed the experience and it got her confidence up. We weren't sure about seeing the sharks from Scuba as they tend to stay on the surface but they did come down and swam past us and we also enjoyed the corals while we waiting for them to come back. Also it avoided the 3 hour que as we just turned up and dived, within the hour of arrival we were in the water !. Our go pro case flooded a few weeks back but they let us use their go pro 7 and did some videos for us also. Fully recommend this dive centre.
Anders Dannqvist
Anders Dannqvist
Good and friendly service!
Jacobus Mohr
Jacobus Mohr
Don’t want to wait 2 hours to float with 300 other tourists in the same spot? Take the express route with your personal guide = photographer (book the cam option) Think no more, do it. Not sure if I Would suggest this without any scuba experience. To much is going on in the water with those beauties and all the tourists, to handle a panicking, inexperienced diver
朝5時に高速バスでオスロブまで移動し8時頃に到着してからダイビングショップを歩いて決めました。日本語を話せる方もいて少し安心しました。ジンベイザメはダイビングの方がしっかり写真が撮れるかなと思いダイビングにしました。シュノーケルは観光客が多く3時間待ちと言っていました。 GoProを渡すと沢山写真を撮ってくれました。帰りに海亀にも出会うことが出来ました。 ジンベイザメが見れるのは午前中なので注意を。 午後になるとほぼ店が閉まります。
christian lloyd
christian lloyd
Sulit 11/10 👌
Daria Ermakova
Daria Ermakova
Choosing scuba diving instead of a regular boat excursion was a very good decision. I didn't have to wait in the crowd and swim in a "human soup". The sharks themselves are very majestic and the opportunity to see them up close is impressive. But besides sharks, there is something to see underwater; there is a very bright and full of life world. The only request to the instructors is to watch the equipment. I only saw in the photo after the dive that a couple of hoses (SPG and spare regulator) were not secured and were dangling, clinging to everything.
Tasch M
Tasch M
I dived with a friend for whom it was the first dive. The divemaster did a good introduction explaining all the important things to know and went threw the points in the shallow water with her. We got very close to the whale sharks

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How to get there:

If you’re from Cebu City/Carcar Side:

  • Grab a taxi or a jeepney to South Bus Terminal and ride the bus “BATO/OSLOB”.
  • Ask to get dropped on Tan-awan, Whalewatching Bus Stop.

If you’re from Moalboal side:

  •  Ride the bus “BATO/BARILI” and get off at BATO Terminal then ride another bus going to CEBU, “BATO/OSLOB”.
  • Ask to get dropped on Tan-awan, Whalewatching Bus Stop.

You can ask around for Biboy Diving Center or give us a ring through (+63) 981 001 6040.




Larie Flagtiosa


(+63) 998 408 7377



Tan-awan, Oslob, Cebu

Opening Hours

Mon – Sun   6:00AM – 12:00NN

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